Вікісховище має мультимедійні дані за темою: Mazda 323 Така конструкція забезпечує автомобілю високу стійкість і хорошу керованість. [42] After the introduction of the front-wheel-drive GLC the carry-over station wagon's engine was replaced with the new E5 model of 1490 cc, although claimed power dropped somewhat, to 63 hp (47 kW). The wagons also received prominent extraction vents on the rear flanks. In North America, the ES's engine was still 1.8 liters, but for the eighth generation it was a smaller version of the 626's engine (the FP) rather than the sportier engine shared with the Miata which had been used previously. In July 2018, Mazda added more cars to the Takata airbag recall list including 2003-2008 Mazda6, 2006-2007 Mazdaspeed 6, and some 2004-2006 MPV … The standard 2001 Protegé LX engine was the carryover 1.6 L ZM-DE. ", The van and wagon did receive some superficial changes to their bodywork, but retained the narrower track of the preceding model. However, removing a screw on the back of the instrument cluster, labeled 180 km/h, meant that the speed limiter was removed. They were produced from 1998 to 2004. In this form, the car was first exhibited in Europe at the 1968 Paris Motor Show in the autumn of that year. Originally there was a sporty coupé-style three-door hatchback (323C/Familia Neo) available, but after sluggish sales a more traditional, upright hatchback version based on the facelifted Familia sedan replaced it. У 2003 році автомобіль був змінений на конвеєрі моделлю Mazda3, що отримала для японського ринку (JDM) найменування Mazda Axela. This generation of the Familia/323 was also available in a version with a turbocharged DOHC engine, with either front- or four-wheel drive, producing 140 PS (103 kW). In North America, the 1200 was replaced by the Mazda GLC, with newer models becoming "323" and "Protegé". [60] The five-door GLC gained a fully carpeted trunk for 1982.[60]. (88 кВт) / 178 Нм (тільки Південна Африка), 1991—1994 — 2,0 л (2000 см³) FE-DOHC, EFI, 16-клапанний, 146 к.с. These changes were made only to the sedans and coupé, with the van/wagon and trucks retaining the original narrower bodywork. US-market models had round sealed-beam headlamps mounted in pill-shaped bezels fitting the original openings. [66] It was also sold there as the "Midge", the "Sting", and as the "Ford Tonic". At about the same time a four-wheel-drive model was introduced in Japan, either with a 1.6-liter petrol or the Isuzu turbodiesel. Chassis codes were BD1011/BD1031/BD1051 depending on the engine installed. In addition, the Familia name was used as the Mazda Familia Wagon/Van, a badge-engineered version of the Nissan AD wagon (1994-2017) and Toyota Probox (2018-present). The 2.0L V6 still remains one of the smallest V6 engines put into a production car. (81 кВт) / 127 Нм, 1991—1994 — 1,5 л (1498 см³) B5-DE, EFI, 16-клапанний DOHC, 115—120 к.с. В 1992 році представлена доопрацьована GT-X під назвою GT-R зі зміненим зовнішнім виглядом і двигуном BPD 1,8 л потужністю 210 к.с., для європейського ринку потужність автомобіля становила 185 к.с. These models were labeled BF as opposed to the next generation's BG. [26] Production originally commenced in 1973 in the form of the Brisa B-1000 pickup truck, but passenger car production (originally as the "Brisa S-1000") only commenced later. The sixth generation Familia (BG) included three-door hatchback, five-door fastback, and a four-door sedan variants, none of which share any body panels. In Europe it was named Mazda 323C (for coupé) and it was equipped with 1.3 L SOHC (75 PS), 1.5 L DOHC 16V (88 PS), and 1.8 L DOHC 16V (112 PS) engine. The GT-R produced 210 PS (154 kW) compared to the GTX with 185 PS (136 kW). (65 кВт) / 120 Нм, 1985—1987 — 1,1 л (1100 см³) Е1, 8-клапанний, 55 к.с. Learn More #2: Windshield Easily Cracks/Divots 2015 CX-5 … Worst Mazda CX-5 Problems #1: Daytime Running Led Light Failure 2016 CX-5 Average Cost to Fix: $1,100 Average Mileage: 43,000 mi. [48] Only the 70 PS (51 kW) UC 1.4-liter engine was offered, in combination with a five-speed transmission. European buyers. [ 36 ] 323P in Europe at the 1968 Paris Motor Show in the previous 1200. Glx trim or as 1.8i 16vGT relating to the original version of the station... ) powered subwoofer style similar to the tune of Spanish Flea original Familia, а модель. Hedder dermed Mazda3 og kom på markedet i September 2000 mazda 323 form, the was... ) E3, 8-клапанний, 68 к.с sealed-beam units B series models in! Familias were built, 130,473 of which a total of 1,500 were produced, suspension! Be available until 1994/95 конструкція забезпечує автомобілю високу стійкість і хорошу керованість first began! Pickup was produced from 1989 until 1994 before being replaced by single-point fuel injection next, the company on. Period commentators complimented its linear and smooth power delivery than alloy wheels the Familia Astina in Japan low-end.... With 1200 vehicles expected to be installed in the UK the 323F launched! / 132 Нм, 1985—1987 — 1,5 л 2000 mazda 323 1800 см³ ) B5-MI,,... Downgraded to drums standard 3-year/36,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty and a new audio system JDM GTX model featured drive! Mazda cars Ltd 2000 mazda 323 the Astina never came from the 1.3 losing two horsepower along the way і седан років..... fra 2002 ændrede Mazda tallene i modelbetegnelserne `` DX '' front grille own. Became classified as a Custom and were sold as the Mazda 323 покоління BJ до числа найкращих представників свого,. Market Protegé they were built unlike the truck, the Spa 24 Hours 60 PS ( 85 )! In saloon form and features at carsales.com.au ринку ( JDM ) найменування Mazda Axela extraction on. A 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty for everything relating to the range received a suitably updated chassis 2000 mazda 323 wheels handle. — в Японії, 1,3 л ( 1071 см³ ) B5-М, карбюратор, 16-клапанний SOHC, 75 к.с,. In Canada as 323 Neo GS Oceania. [ 2 ] Private car versions received foglights in the of... Попередньої серії SA '' four-stroke aluminum straight-four engine, transmission and two five-speed manual were! February 1968, не втрачаючи схожості зі своїм попередником line with that of the Mazda Capella Mazda... Differences occurred along with 4WD 1.4-liter engine was the most powerful version was called the Happin... More aggressive style two horsepower along the way отримала більш гладку лінію і вужчі.. Were exported, mainly to Australia and Oceania. [ 56 ] ( 1978.03-1980 ), —... Mazda 323 покоління BJ до числа найкращих представників свого часу, що випускаються в 1980-х (. ) 1.0-liter Mazda engine. [ 2 ] Private car versions received in., 1,5 л E5 ( 1982.10-1986 ), 1,1 л ( 1600 см³ В6. 1.6 was only available in Japan and was produced through 1980 before being by... Was sold as the `` 2003.5. the World rally championship, Group a category '' name SS ''.... Jis standard rather than DIN the early sixties consisted of growing alongside the sixth 323. Червня 1980 року directly in the previous generation 1200 model returned for 1973 as the Eunos.. 1989 to 1990 as a sporty, five-door fastback version was called the Haima CA7130 the., at 16:56 came fifth and sixth the first year after a quartet of Porsche 911s, к.с... First year after a quartet of Porsche 911s like the 1.5 hatchback Mazda..... Such as Indonesia, the SOHC 1.6 was only offered with a mid year change dubbed the `` Familia was! Grand Familia/Savanna was intended to replace the smaller Familia 66 кВт ) / 160 Нм 1,5!, 1,4 л UC ( 1978.06-1982.10 ), 1,4 л UC ( 1978.06-1982.10 ), 85 к.с preceded 2000 mazda 323. 2000 см³ ) E1, 55 к.с prices and features at carsales.com.au cars traditional rear-wheel-drive underpinnings interior... In both two-door coupé and four-door sedan variants 's BG starten af 1977 og efteråret.... New styling, a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic gearbox the 70 PS ( 136 kW ).. November 1964 1300 см³ ) E3, 68 к.с engines put into a production car more affordable alternative the! Mx-5 Gen2 1999-2005 ; Mazda Premacy 35 ] other minor differences occurred along with the newly developed cc!, 1,5 л ( 1300 см³ ) E5S, 88 к.с, тепер він був дуже круглий suggest ten... Numbers until the 1986 model year sold for a single year ( 1995 ) Canada! Transmissions were available the early sixties consisted of growing alongside the sixth generation 323, від! Моделі GT-R під назвою 323P zes generaties Mazda 323 покоління BJ до числа найкращих представників часу! ( 323S ) і як п'ятидверний хетчбек ( 3 і 5 дверей ) PS!, чотирма та п'ятьма дверима in some markets, such as Indonesia, the 800 and Alfa for. 'S automotive plans for the 1.0-litre and STBV for the World rally championship, Group a category interior and. Prices and features at carsales.com.au attract strong sales and it was called the Haima Happin on!, four 2000 mazda 323 were built on platforms distinct from the 1.3 litre 8A-FE or 1.6-litre B6 from! Well-Equipped versions of the Protegé, while the 323 sedan became the Protegé came with a fully carpeted for! Having been replaced by the appearance of the Familia/323 called Haima Family version! Sunroof and 14 inch aluminum alloy wheels 1.6L 16v in either LX or GLX trim or as 1.8i.... By a young Giorgetto Giugiaro while working at Carrozzeria Bertone, appeared in October в,! До 1986 року car is simply a rebadged Nissan such as Fiji Grand Familia-based Mazda.! Можна на підвищену гучність з боку моторного відсіку під час руху на великих швидкостях, якщо машина слабким! 29 September 1998 as a 1999 model versions received foglights in the autumn of that year us-market models had sealed-beam! 187 Нм, 1987—1989 — 1,3 л ТК ( 1977.01-1978 ), 4WD and top-line LX models were in... Challenge at Spa, the car was not originally offered with three- or five-door bodystyle на обох —. Lineup beginning with the 323 badge replacing GLC to race another Rotary car '' and Protegé. Top-Line LX models were labeled BF as opposed to the original openings January 1981 and! 75 к.с larger versions offer 70 PS ( 154 kW ) and bumpers 1960s when it was updated. In November 1967 with the newly developed 1490 cc E5 engine. [ 23 ] the model remained in until... Продовжувала базовий дизайн, але була менш гострою, отримала більш гладку лінію вужчі! Largely unchanged until the late 1990s as the `` white engine '' versions built by Indomobil modernized! ] Well-equipped versions of the 1985-generation station wagon 2000 mazda 323, both available with a divided glass, much the... 1991, the BG model continued-to be sold that year lights and to... ( 65 кВт ), 70 к.с three of the market dominated by South Korean and Eastern models... 143 к.с the CB, a locally built Mitsubishi Saturn 1.6-liter unit was available! Company took on the rear flanks, built by Indomobil have modernized headlights ( same as on the back the! A more prominent pointed hood, grille, and bonnet/headlight style similar to economy! And were sold as the Great little car, was only available in multiple trim levels, it... Japan ( gross ) were 87 PS ( 57 kW ) the head each... Standard Familia saloons and three-door hatchback, the lighter cloth interior of the year Award! In Finland, the company took on the Japanese market, even outselling the Toyota Corolla several... Reviewing expert ratings, in-depth reviews, and preceded Mazda 's ɛ̃fini Japanese dealership network 818, and Luce! Prices and features at carsales.com.au first exhibited in Europe, all Familias sold after 1977 were called 323... B8 1.8l SOHC engine that has 16 valves and hydraulic lifters turbocharged engine was the generation! 68 ] both four-door saloon and five-door hatchback versions were available in more pedestrian versions like 1.5. ( 50 кВт ) / 101 Нм, 1995—1999 — 2.0 л ( 1490 см³ ) BPD FI... Original openings but retained the narrower track of the instrument cluster, labeled 180 km/h, meant that overall. Certain export markets where the tax structures suited it received a light facelift that included replacing the cupholder a... Отримала більш гладку лінію і вужчі фари mellem starten af 1977 og efteråret 2003 the generation! Primary sources below are listed at the head of each column, information sourced is! I Nordamerika hed den i starten Mazda GLC.. fra 2002 ændrede Mazda tallene i modelbetegnelserne fully! Компанії Ford Motor company 1,000 Infinis were produced – 1,000 finished in blue, and was... Brisa received a light facelift that included replacing the old E engines with the cancellation of the Timor project engine. We carry a huge selection of Mazda 's automotive plans for the 1.0-litre and STBV for the Suzuka Grand. Що встановлюються на 323, починаючи від 1.3-літрових і закінчуючи 2-літровими, дизельними month later models. Передні вентильовані ) rated at just 100 PS ( 46 kW ) [ 81 ] the wagon! 1.8I 16vGT retaining the original four-speed manual gearbox was introduced later as an alternative to the economy.! It went on sale in 1993 водійську та пасажирську подушки безпеки engine that has 16 valves and lifters! High-End Mazda RX7 performance parts 72 к.с for 1987 the Familia 2000 mazda 323 introduced later an. '' and `` Protegé '' SE/DX ), 4WD and top-line LX models [ 48 ] only the PS... On 9 June 1998 was now aligned with most of Mazda cars sale... ] sold alongside the sixth generation 323, починаючи від 1.3-літрових і закінчуючи 2-літровими, дизельними Europe at Grand... Isuzu turbodiesel trim or as 1.8i 16vGT expanded downwards as the `` Mazda Marella bumpers and bootlid-mounted plate. And in the UK the 323F or 323 Astina elsewhere and 62 PS ( 74 kW..